CASA Civil Aviation Safety Authority ReOC Remote Operators Certificate no. 0356

  • Portrait & Model Shoots

  • Environmental Studies

  • Pipeline inspection

  • Power Line inspection

  • Mine Site inspection

  • Property Survey

  • Surveillance

  • Search and Rescue

  • And many more...

  • Real-Estate

  • Aerial Photograhpy

  • Aerial Cinematography

  • Aerial Inspection

  • Events

  • Aerial Mapping

  • Aerial Spotting

  • Aerial Surveying 

  • Infrastructure Inspection

You don't hire an unlicensed or uninsured plumber, electrician or builder so why take the risk using an unlicensed or uninsured UAV operator.

Why use a Commercial UAV operator over a Hobby UAV pilot?
  • Hobby operators are limited to small hobby or toy drones. 

  • Hobby operators are restricted to operating under the standard operating instructions listed by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority, greatly limiting where and how you can fly. 

  • Hobby operators are unlikely to get insurance leaving them them liable for any incident or accident arising from flying the RPA.

  • As a commercial operator you can operate large UAV's Unmanned Aerial Vehicles that are capable of capturing a higher quality of imagery up to 5.2 to 6K video and over 20 to 24 megapixel imagery.

  • As a commercial licensed operator operating under a ReOC (Air Operators Certificate) you are given significant additional privileges, for example; night time flying, permission to operate closer than 30 metres from people and the ability to apply for additional approvals to conduct specialised operations (aerial spraying for agriculture). 

  • ZRS Imagery is a commercially licensed operator in partnership with Aeroview Australia and are fully insured. ​We operate the latest professional high tech UAV's. 


Aerial Mapping Upper Snowy Landcare Dieback 

Aerial Inspection Elevation Map